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Low Voltage Switchboards (LV)

I-Tech Switchboard is a general purpose floor standing fixed type switchgear assembly designed for use in the generation, distribution and application of electricity. The system is applicable for both Power Control Centers – Main Distribution Board and Motor Control Centers.


Medium Voltage Switchboards (MV)

Comprehensive range composed of metal enclosed switchgear and control gear modular units up to 24 kV, easily adaptable to your specific requirements

• Containing fixed or withdrawable circuit breaker, using
SF6 or Vacuum breaking technology, switch-disconnector,
contractor and disconnector.
• Rated current 630 and 1250A
• Short-circuit current up to 25 kA
• Internal arc withstand

Control, monitoring and protection devices, providing protection of
your installations, continuity of electrical supply and reducing downtime.

• Sepam and VIP relays
• Easergy T2000S telecontrol interface
• Flair fault detector


• MV section in MV/LV transformer substations in distribution systems
• MV consumer or distribution substation up to 24kV
• MV Industrial switchboard


Automatic Main Failure (AMF) Panel

We manufacture and supply a comprehensive spectrum of matchless Automatic Mains Failure Panels. Our electrical AMP Panels are durable and meet customers’ exact requirements. Our experts customize the product range in accordance with clients’ specific requirements. These customized AMP Panels can be available in various sizes that best fit to customers’ requirement.


• Generator starting, stopping and monitoring sequence.
• Automatic shutdown during and DG fault.
• Configurable via front panel feather touch push buttons.
• Configurable Solid state outputs.
• Large number of configurable timers.
• Continues monitoring of three-phase voltage


Synchronizing Generator Panel

Synchronization panels are mainly designed and used to meet power system requirements. These panels provide manual as well as automatic synchronizing function for one or more generator breakers. They are widely used in synchronizing generators and offering multplexing solutions. Syncronizing panels usually consist of:

A generator control units
This unit automatically matches generator frequency and voltage levels with that of the bus.

A syncrocloser unit
It sends the closing command to the breaker at the exact moment of phase coincident.

A Syncrocloser check relay
It performs the progressive function of verifying voltage and phase angle conditions and ensuring that they are within preset limits, before allowing the breaker to close. The devise is provided with control switches in from panel. These switches are responsible for manual raising and lowering of speed and voltage of the generators to match the bus frequency and voltage before synchronizing. These are volt meters and digital meters in the device that offer generator and bus measurements.


• Engineering systems
• Multiplexing multiple generators
• Multimedia communications
• Telecommunications
• Data Synchronization
• Semiconductors
• Electronics equipment


Automated Power Factor Control Panel ( APFC )

We manufacture and supply APFC Energy Panels in compliance with
clients’ preferred specifications. Furthermore, our durable Electrical
APFC Panels help in maintenance of the power factor of the system
automatically or also through APFC. This is done by switching the
capacitors banks as per the requirements of the system. Our Electrical
APFC Panels are available at the market competitive rates that suit all
kinds of users budget. APFC allow by their different assembly comb
nation to cover all the power ratings you could need, depending on
the voltage, frequency and harmonic pollution level of the network.
We are using high quality Varplus Modular capacitors from Scheinder


• Make saving on power, power factor correction
• Power quality supplied limitation of pollution to the network.


MCC ( Motor Control Centers ) A Global design

• Type tested and complian with IEC60439-1
• With a flexible and modular system, designed for the maximum safety
and reliability.
• Exclusively designed for and type tested with Schneider Electric
components guarantee of the highest performance and safest use of
components from the world leader in protection and control.
• Focusing on safety, reliability and adaptation to high end needs.
Blokset, a complete range of LV switchboards to meet all your needs
Blokset, a high-dependability system for trouble-free operation of your
installation Certified IEC60439-1 compliance guaranteeing in depth
thermal rise effects and short circuit withstand. Internal arc withstand
Earthquake/seismic withstand

Corrosive ambient protection.

• With all low voltage applications necessary in large industrial sites,
large commercial buildings and infrastructure both withdraw able and
fixed design available.
• Electrical distribution with Merlin Gerin circuit breakers busbar rating
up to 6300A
• Completely centralized components, conventional and intelligent
motor control centers (MCC), Variable speed drives and soft starters.


• Medium and large industrial sites Mining, Oil and Gas, Pulp & paper,
manufacturing industry, metal processing.
• Medium/Large commercial and building ares, shopping malls, Hotels.
• Infrastructures, water treatment, airport/Harbors.
• Lighting / Distribution Panel


MCC ( Motor Control Centers ) A Global design

Soft starter panels offer a precisely engineered method of powering AC motors in fixed speed applications. They can also be used to slope down whenever heavy dynamic loads are detected.

Working Principle

Soft starter panels works on the principle of phase angle control. The method utilises thyristors and triacs with the level of voltage delivered by the control system. This voltage is detected by the point on the mains sine wave at which the equipment fires or ignites. As a rule, the greater the firing angle, the lower is the output voltage.

Features & Benets

• The device produces high quality results.
• Provided with compressed manual starters and contactors.
• The starter is of smaller size thus occupying minimum panel space.
• Provided with manual starters that provide protection against short circuit as well as motor thermal-overload in a single compact package.
• These panels have wall-mounting enclosures that allow easy access for conduits from both sides and bottom.

Uses & Applications
Soft starter panels are used in diverse applications including:
• Pumping applications • Centrifuge
• Over head cranes • Compressors
• Chillers • Fire pumps
• Escalators • Conveyors

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